The TDK Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is one of the world's leading electronics companies. It was founded in 1935 with the goal of selling ferrite, a crucial material for electronic and magnetic products. Today, TDK's comprehensive product portfolio includes passive components such as ceramic, aluminum electrolytic, film capacitors, magnets, as well as high-frequency, piezo, and protection devices. The company also offers a wide range of sensors and sensor systems, including temperature and pressure sensors, magnetic sensors, and MEMS sensors. In addition, TDK provides power supplies, electronic devices, magnetic heads, and various other equipment. website: When designing their Budapest office, the main focus was on creating a workspace that combines a cozy atmosphere with reflecting the principles of the Japanese company. The plans were created to incorporate relaxation areas with softer, more comfortable furniture and forms, while the workspaces, requiring higher concentration, feature sleeker lines and a more focused design. The use of materials includes wood and carpet flooring to enhance a sense of warmth, along with colorful, geometric wall paintings complemented by wall panels. The TDK Electronics blue color is prominently featured in many areas, further accentuated by colorful furniture, adding excitement to the overall design. Photo: Tamási Viki