WernerCo office
WernerCo Hungary Kft. produces and distributes ladders, stands and other tools useful in the construction industry.
The company has been offering excellent quality, continuous innovation and comprehensive services for more than 80 years. Their products meet the strictest quality requirements, are reliable and durable.
We designed an office with 600 m² large floor are with many decorations and plants.

semiconductor development company office

We designed this 600 m² large office in Budapest for Hungary’s largest 100% Hungarian-owned semiconductor development company. Besides the general office spaces, we also designed a large terrace and a dining room for them .
The company was founded in 1989 by physicists who left the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

power supplier company office
In this project we designed the 1800 m² large office of a power supplier company located in Budapest.
The goal was to create offices with one space instead of many smaller rooms. In this case, we only carried out conceptual planning, the implementation has not yet taken place.

Biorefinery Factory office
In this project our task was to design the renovation of  this 520 m² large office in Dunaföldvár.
We designed the decorations and furniture with special attention, which in many cases refer to the company’s work.

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Pivot270 offers your message on a silver platter. We design and develop the image of indoor spaces, shop equipment and exhibition stands.
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