Hoya Vision Care was a small business founded in Japan in 1941 by two brothers. Over time, it has grown into a multinational company, and now one of the best glass lens manufacturers has reached Budapest as well. Similar to the other Hoya office we designed, this one also reflects Hoya's collaboration with nature and the simplicity of Japanese design. However, for this 300m2 space, we incorporated more wooden surfaces and darker colors. In addition to carpet flooring, we introduced wooden parquet, creating a warmer atmosphere. The elements of Japanese architecture are more pronounced in this office, such as the slatted wall panels, and there are also more green areas. In terms of design, alongside angular shapes, we also incorporated softer, curved forms. While wall graphics are present in the office, they are fewer in number compared to the other office, as we wanted to emphasize different aspects here.
website: https://www.hoyavision.com/hu/
Photos: Tamási Viki