The company, founded in 1993, is today one of the largest restaurant service providers in Europe, and a major player in the catering industry in China. From sushi to burgers, from restaurants to their virtual brands, they strive to provide exceptional service and the taste of our products at affordable prices to our guests around the world. At that time, the AmRest office moved here approx. 5 years ago, it had to have a fairly rapid course. Since then, they have remained in this place and would have liked a more homely, better used environment, where the working hours pass more pleasantly. At the beginning of planning, the starting point was a "face-lift", but in the end the office went through a complete, larger-scale transformation. We rethought the existing spaces, making them more functional. The colors of the brand were used, and the materials were selected while keeping the natural purity. Photos: Viktória Tamási