The founder of the Daisuke company is Daisuke Tanaka, a renowned coffee taster and former judge of the Cup of Excellence competition, which showcases the world's best coffees. His partner, Szabolcs Szelei, has had a successful career as a top executive in multinational companies. After decades of success, he decided to dedicate his days to sustainable, socially just, and high-quality coffee distribution. Daisuke and Szabolcs share a passion for finding the world's best coffees and bringing them to customers. That's why they continue their mission in Budapest. We designed their latest coffee shop in Budapest. Just as the company's philosophy emphasizes naturalness, we strived for the same in the interior design. By using various wooden surfaces, we aimed to evoke the feeling of El Salvadorian and Nicaraguan farms. The cozy design reflects the friendly and helpful nature of Daisuke's leaders. The unique curved counter integrates the display, refrigeration, and shelves, further enhancing this concept. The lamps and plant surfaces also evoke the sense of forests and fertile lands. In our original plan, the walls were intended to be dark green, reinforcing the forest ambiance, but this will be implemented later. The appearance of the lamp fibers in a basket-like design brings a small part of South American cultural elements to the space. website: Photo: Tamási Viki