The history of Nufarm Hungary Ltd. began on January 1, 2008. Since then, our work has been centered around farmers every day. Our motto, "Growing Together" and "Caring for a Better Tomorrow," encapsulates our goals. Since our establishment, not only our market share and turnover have grown dynamically, but also our product range and the number of employees serving farmers. Website: How can we attract "living beings" and workers to an office in a natural environment? This plan was created to answer that question. We brought back the atmosphere of farmland and plant motifs in colors and design, so that the employees feel connected to nature. The dominant colors chosen were yellow (flowers, wheat, corn), green (farmland, trees, plants), and blue (water, sky). Our signature touch, planned wall graphics, were also included, aiming to create a playful, graphic image made up of lines and colorful patches. The result is a truly cheerful and unique design that reflects the Nufarm company's beliefs and activities. Photo: Tamási Viki